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Your physiotherapist will discuss bracing with you, if required,  after assessing your condition.

Knee Bracing

We offer both custom and off the shelf knee braces for:

  • stability 
  • after ligament injury to the MCL or ACL ligaments of the knee
  • pain relief and increased function in an osteoarthritic knee, with unilateral compartment joint changes

Our knee brace suppliers include: CTurner MedicalOssur Canada  and VQ Orthocare.

In addition to knee braces, we carry a selection of braces for a variety of conditions. We have wrist, elbow and ankle braces available for purchase by our clients. 

Ankle bracing is appropriate in managing:

  • first or second degree ankle sprain
  • post fracture and/or ankle surgery
  • as a preventative in the chronic sprainer, for sports and activities of daily living

Our ankle brace suppliers include: ASO Ankle Stabilizer and exclusive to our clinic Lohamann & Rauscher epX v-lock Stabilizer

Elbow braces:

  • used to treat "tennis elbow" or lateral epicondylitis

Wrist bracing:

  • useful in managing carpal laxity or instabililty, arthritic pain or post-operatively after wrist fracture

Our elbow and wrist brace supplier is Trainers's Choice.

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